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CRACK!Nin Gen Tai

A Naruto RP... on CRACK!
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Irasshai! Welcome to the CRACK!comm for the Livejournal Naruto RP, nin_gen_tai. All RPers from the normal comm are welcome to join if you feel like your character needs to let loose and be a little OOC or cracky...

For example, my character. If I want to temporarily let Anko go crazy and frolic in the flower fields with Ibiki, that's good!
Another example. If Kakashi decides he wants to settle down and read a nice engaging suspense novel instead of the usual smut, he's more than welcome to do so.

The only requirement is that anything R-rated or higher, or anything too long (like the regular comm) should be placed under an LJ-cut.

Other than that, have fun. Go crazy.


Note: The events that may occur here do not necessarily occur in the main RP. This is just an extra board if you want your character to be a little off-the-wall sometimes. Again, this is not related to the main RP plot-wise. If it was, then I think we would all have to get some health checks.