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Some Time Spent With Sakura

She gave tips, and we exchanged beauty tips and opinions and whatnot... She is a rather useful young woman.

Iruka Says:Sakura-chaaan!!! Wanna have a little fun with Iruka-sensei.... Ill be gentle... ;)

Sakura Says:=D .......Only if by 'fun' you mean something non-perverted. XD;
Iruka Says:Oh well, there goes my plans
Sakura Says:Hey, I thought your plans involved Shizune-san?
Sakura Says:>/ Am I the second option?!
Iruka Says:Eh, no... Youre not the second option...
Iruka Says:Your the eh..special option
Sakura Says:^----^ Oh, well in THAT case...!
Sakura Says:...No! >/ Perverted-sensei!
Iruka Says:Awe...
Iruka Says:Fine...
Iruka Says:I tried
Sakura Says:^^ You gave it a good effort. <3
Iruka Says:You really think so?
Sakura Says:Yeah! If I weren't completely freaked out, I might say yes! ^-^
Iruka Says:^^
Iruka Says:Good, because Im hoping something like this will work on Kakashi!
Sakura Says:He is hot, isn't he? o_o
Iruka Says:Very
Sakura Says:Not as hot as Sasuke, but if Kakashi-sensei asked...and weren't tied up with Anko-san, who would kill us...I would say yes! ^----^
Sakura Says:Maybe you should ask him while shirtless.
Iruka Says:Hmmm... that might work
Sakura Says:Show off your assets! And...Hmm. o_o Maybe find out one of Kakashi-sensei's fantasies.
Sakura Says:<3 No man can say no to a fantasy! =D!
Iruka Says:*takes off his vest and shirt, then takes down his hair, letting it fall upon his shoulders* Would this work?
Iruka Says:would*
Sakura Says:Yeah! ^^ If I weren't still freaked out...
Sakura Says:When did you discover your need for Kakashi-sensei? o_O?
Iruka Says:A while back, but Ive final decided to take action
Sakura Says:=D! Yes! You must take action! Konoha men are distressingly oblivious! (Present company excluded)
Sakura Says:=D And then you need to tell me how Kakashi-sensei is in bed. Without any details about you in bed.
Iruka Says:Hmm okay...
Iruka Says:He can't resist me! I am Konoha's #1 Bachelor!
Sakura Says:^---^ You're lucky Sasuke-kun isn't in Konoha.
Sakura Says:He's rich, and that means he could buy Kakashi-sensei many perverted books.
Sakura Says:o_o Hey, get Kakashi-sensei a bouquet of perverted novels. That may help.
Iruka Says:Hmmm....ok
Iruka Says: ^^
Iruka Says:Youre so helpful!
Sakura Says:=D! I know!
Iruka Says:^^
Iruka Says:You still freaked out?
Sakura Says:You betcha.
Iruka Says:Would it help if I put my shirt back on?
Sakura Says:Maybe just a little.
Iruka Says:*puts his shirt back on*
Sakura Says:Nice hair, though. What kind of shampoo do you use? =D
Iruka Says:I forgot what it was called, but it was some good stuff that Neji gave me.
Sakura Says:=D! Can I borrow some?
Iruka Says:Sure!
Sakura Says:Yay! You're the best, Iruka-sensei!
Sakura Says:Why did Neji give you shampoo, though? o_O?
Iruka Says:Cause I wanted to know his secret to maintaining his beautiful hair.
Sakura Says:Damn. I should have asked him!
Iruka Says:*snickers*
Sakura Says:>/ At least Naruto doesn't have as pretty hair as me. Kakashi-sensei and Sasuke-kun win hands down...
Sakura Says:I wonder what kind of shampoo they use. =D?
Iruka Says:Hmmm... You should ask them sometime.
Sakura Says:I would, but I think Sasuke-kun is hording the secret of his hair all to himself...and to ask Kakashi-sensei would be to admit defeat!
Sakura Says:>/ My hair shall be prettier someday!
Iruka Says:Well, if you want really soft and shiny hair then leave this conditioner in for ten minutes and rinse with warm water... *pulls a bottle out of nowhere and hands it to her*
Sakura Says:=D! -Hugs as she takes conditioner- You rock, Iruka-sensei! I will beat my team! >)
Iruka Says::D
Sakura Says:=D I bet Kakashi will be won over just by the shininess of your hair!
Iruka Says:I hope so!
Iruka Says:I work hard to maintain this beautiful hair of mine.
Sakura Says:=D! I know! Hair is so hard to maintain...>/ Even SHORT hair.
Sakura Says:Most men don't understand the effort that goes into hair!
Iruka Says:I know what you mean...
Iruka Says:Look at Naruto!
Iruka Says:He doesn't even comb his
Sakura Says:>/ I know...and he's always saying I spend too much time on my hair!
Sakura Says:>/ You can NEVER spend enough time on hair!
Iruka Says:I may be a man and a Shinobi... but that doesn't mean I can't have beautiful hair...
Sakura Says:=D! Precisely! You should impart this wisdom to Naruto someday.
Iruka Says:I should!
Sakura Says:<3 He might even listen!
Iruka Says:Maybe

I know I have a few problems... but.. I'll fix them... *sigh*

[OOC: I also had Gai-mun make a picture for me. I will now share it! Image hosted by Photobucket.com ... that is all]
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