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Random reflection.

It seems like only yesterday that I passed the little tykes. And now that they're all grown up and pubertized, I can't help but feel wonderfully proud of them...

Except one... Sasuke. Oh, Sasuke, my boy, I looked to you like a father did to his son. And then you just packed your bags and LEFT. What the hell?! You were family!! And then--ergh, Sasuke, you angstful little boy! I should spank you into oblivion for your poor decision!!

But the other two I quite like.

Moving along to the girl. Sakura. Damn, did she turn out hot or what? When she first showed up, she was some flat-chested little Sasuke-fangirl. Who would have thought she would grow up to be one sexy broad... Is it me or she developing a nice rack? Ah, she makes me so proud...

And Naruto is growing up day by day, turning into a very handsome young man. Sooner or later, he's going to grow up looking just like Yondaime. Oh, Sensei, if only you could see your son now... Perhaps Sakura should have her attention diverted to him. I'm sure he wouldn't mind tapping that ass...^___^

*ends Kaka-chan's stupid, useless rant*
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You worry me at times, my eternal rival...


Now if anyone needs me, I'll be drilling at my ONCE perfectly springtime youthful brain... to get those disturbing images out.
Why the heck should you feel proud?! You had nothing to do with my chest!

...Wait. You didn't, did you?!
No, no. I assume that's all influence from the Godaime. Perhaps you'll gain more than her beauty and strength?

But you have blossomed into a beautiful young woman, indeed. If I didn't see you as a daughter and if I were 10 years younger, I would have taken my chance.

However, Naruto is fully available for your picking.